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Likely the most relevant benefit that virtual care offers is convenience. Instead of traveling to the clinic to meet a clinician, when appropriate, virtual visits empower our members to connect with us from the comfort of their own home or workplace. In rural areas, virtual care offers not just convenience but access to our caregivers that members wouldn’t otherwise experience.

There’s little doubt that virtual care is poised to transform the healthcare industry. An aspect of telemedicine that involves real-time “virtual visits” between patients and clinicians using modern communications technology (like videoconferencing and mobile apps), virtual care has seen explosive growth in recent years. For more infomation on our Virtual Care Services please contact us at 980-949-6000.

Providing health care from a distance has become a reality. The cloud speeds things up and. from a distance, allows better communication between our members and us. Members receive the expertise they need when they need it. It also makes available electronic health records which are more secure.

There are many ways in which cloud computing can deliver services to healthcare organizations, helping them to better serve their patients and to grow securely. A report was released last year from a consumer advocacy group, with its thoughts on implementation of this technology for safeguarding protected health information (PHI) and for other healthcare uses. After establishing these benefits, this article clarifies where cloud stands from a compliance perspective.

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